Localization of a WPF app - the simple approach

Localization is hard, WPF makes it even harder with the locbaml approach. There are many other ways to solve this problem, some are basic, some are powerful, but I think that none is perfect. Here is my simple way of dealing with this.

Hakyll - automatic sitemap generation

Search engines like sitemaps. Hakyll doesn’t have this ability out of the box, but it is quite trivial to add. Here is [my approach].

Haskell and external C++ library - the easy way

Combining Haskell and a well-known C library is easy. apt-get/yum install, link with it, create bindings and we’re done. Problems start to emerge when we don’t want to, or can’t, install the library globally. Things get even worse, when the library uses C++. I faced this problem when writing hlibsass and I think that I’ve managed to solve it in a not-so-terrible way.

New blog - new journey

It was a matter of time when I will start my new blog. This time with new brand, completely different backend and with different language. I hope I will persist a little bit longer than last time, but I make no promises here.